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Ascend Labs, PursueCareRX establish patient preference referral program

The program, designed to refer patients for dispensing of Ascend brand medications, is slated to launch in the first quarter of 2022.

Ascend Labs, a subsidiary of Alkem Labs, is partnering with PursueCareRX, a national mail order and retail pharmacy, to refer patients for dispensing of Ascend brand medications.

Ascend/Alkem has more than 80 different FDA-approved molecules for the United States market.

The medications, which are sometimes specifically requested by patients to treat certain conditions, at times can not be found by patients at their local pharmacy. This results in the pharmacy switching patients to another brand, the company said.

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“Patients frequently contact Ascend to tell us that their experience with a new brand left them with undesired side effects or seemed less effective,” John Dillaway, Ascend’s executive vice president, said. “Ascend is pleased to work with PursueCareRX to have a go-to pharmacy where patients are assured of getting the Ascend brand when they make such a request, on any and all Ascend brand medicines.”

PursueCareRx is the pharmacy division of PursueCare, a nationally recognized leader in treating substance use disorders, mental health and primary care needs through telemedicine.

Ascend said that it formed the partnership with PursueCareRx because of its focus on fostering high quality health care and regulatory compliance, as well as its ability to provide excellent customer service to patients making the request for its medications.

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Due to the fact that PursueCareRx frequently works with populations requiring personalized pharmacy consultation and support, it offers all patients medication therapy management consults to help them better understand their healthcare options and the medications that are prescribed to them.

“PursueCareRX prides itself on being able to serve many populations requiring thoughtful patient care and solutions for common problems that may lack solutions at their local pharmacy,” Nick Mercadante, CEO of PursueCareRX, said. “We are proud to participate in this program with Ascend, which will certainly benefit those patients wanting streamlined access to Ascend medications.”

The program will be supported by Capital, a regional drug wholesaler located in Columbus, Ohio. Capital has committed to keeping available all molecules from Ascend to ensure the viability of this program, the companies said. 

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The program, slated to launch in the first quarter of 2022, will be listed on Ascend's website and PursueCareRx's website with specific instructions and dial-in customer service numbers for patients.

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