Atkins extends its partnership with actor Rob Lowe

Atkins is kicking off 2020 with a brand new campaign that stars none other than Rob Lowe.

The “Any Questions?” campaign, which features Lowe answering questions from consumers via social media, aims to put to rest myths about living a low carb lifestyle, the company said.

"Health and wellness are an essential part of my life, and living an Atkins low carb lifestyle for more than 20 years has kept me feeling great, and being at my best self," Lowe said. "I want to share this experience through my work with Atkins, and spread the word of their mission in making the world a healthier place. This partnership is a natural fit, and I look forward to continuing in our creative strategic direction. By answering people's questions directly, I hope to show them that living an Atkins lifestyle is easy, personalized and flexible, and you get to enjoy great-tasting food."

In addition to launching the new campaign, the company also announced that it has extended its relationship with the actor for an additional three years, which includes positioning Lowe as a creative strategic partner, establishing leadership and delivering the company’s mission and vision, the company said.

"Rob has an intrinsic connection to the Atkins brand, and we look forward to working together in our partnership, continuing to raise awareness for our nutritional philosophy and mission," Scott Parker, chief marketing officer, said. "Rob understands how the greatest epidemics of our time and the health of our world are all connected to how we eat. Our campaign, 'Any Questions?,' focuses on what Rob does best — engaging with people, helping them understand the ease and accessibility of the Atkins approach to eating our products, and the many benefits."