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Nora Caley is a freelance writer based in Denver. She writes about retail, restaurants and other business topics.



Driving innovation in diabetes care

Affordability, supply chain constraints and access to healthcare are on everyone’s mind these days, but for people with diabetes, these are ongoing issues.

Mission-driven brands seek to answer consumer demands for businesses as a force for good

Beauty brands are answering demands to do more than sell products.

Tough times call for candy

As people crave sweet treats, manufacturers are innovating with nostalgia and novelty.

How convenient health clinics are continuing the growth of retail health care

Convenient care clinics continue to expand their offerings and their appeal to consumers.

Innovation to the rescue in the first aid category

As first aid products see sales slump, manufacturers develop helpful new items.

Challenges continue, but generics companies see a bright future with biosimilars

The generics industry navigates a crowded marketplace, supply chain constraints, rising costs and other hurdles while also steering toward biosimilars.

Driving vaccination programs around COVID

Pharmacies find new challenges, and new solutions, related to vaccinations.

Eye and ear care still driven by pandemic-related trends

Consumers are seeking products that offer relief from allergies, eye strain and the effects of too many hours with ear buds as they return to the office, school and their travel plans.

How the sexual wellness category is benefiting from innovation and increased shelf space

Industry experts in the space point to a number of trends, including product variety, that have helped boost sales.

The search for sleep: Fatigued consumers are driving innovation in ingredients, formats and other features in the sleep products category

Consumers are seeking solutions to help them sleep soundly so they can function safely and effectively when they are awake.