Ayo Foods launches hot sauces

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Ayo Foods is launching a new product that’ll be sure to complement any meal.

The West-African-inspired brand is launching two new hot sauces — shito sauce and pepper sauce.

Ingredients found in the shito sauce include chili pepper sauce shrimp, onions, ginger and garlic, while the pepper sauce contains habanero sauce with onions, tomatoes, garlic and basil, the Chicago-based company said.

“We selected the name Ayo because it means “Joy” and that’s what our line represents — dishes that have been the focal point of many happy moments for our family. The introduction of sauces is a major milestone for us, while it’s a natural extension of our line, these also represent Ayo’s potential to bring West African flavors to more aisles in the store. This is an important bridge for us as a company to continue to share our family favorites with customers and introduce them to, or remind them of, the incredible flavors of West Africa,” Perteet Spencer, co-founder, Ayo Foods said. 

Available in the sauce aisle at The Fresh Market stores across the country, Ayo Foods’ hot sauces retail for $7.99 per 8.5-oz. jar.