Barnana intros plantain crisps

Barnana’s Organic Plantain Crisps, made from green plantains, is available in sea salt and garlic varieties, the company said.

Barnana is shaking up the snack aisle.

The Los Angeles-based company launched a new line of crisps, made specifically from plantains.

New from the brand is the Organic Plantain Crisps, made from green plantains, which are rich in resistant starch that has not yet converted to sugar, the company said.

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Each plantain is sliced, fried in organic coconut oil and mashed until they have reached a thin consistency, then tried again to obtain a flaky and layered texture.

“Plantains are an incredibly versatile fruit, used in countless ways globally,” Caue Suplicy, Barnana’s founder said. “Our new Organic Plantain Crisps are a savory, crispy, layered chip perfect for Americans who love potato chips but seek something new that’s made from ingredients that are better for you and better for the planet. If you’ve ever tasted a tostón (also known as a patacón in Ecuador), a beloved and popular snack in Latin America, you'll be familiar with the unique taste experience in store from our new Crisps.”

Available in two varieties — sea salt made from green plantains, organic coconut oil and sea salt; and garlic, made from green plantains, organic coconut oil and organic garlic — each contains 0 g of sugar per serving, and are free of gluten and grains, as well as paleo-friendly, the company said.

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“We work with hundreds of small farmers in Ecuador, many of whom are indigenous people, to grow organic plantains using regenerative farming practices that rebuild and restore soil biodiversity,” said Suplicy. “As a Certified B Corporation, it’s critical to us that our snacks not only taste great, but that they are produced in a socially-just, environmentally sustainable way.”

Consumers can find Barnana’s Organic Plantain Crisps in sea salt and garlic varieties online at and They will be rolling out to retailers, including Whole Foods Market, throughout September.