3Rx Skin Therapy's new line targets skin damaged by medical conditions

SOUTH BRUNSWICK, N.J. — 3Rx Skin Therapy has announced the introduction of a new skin care line to help repair and rejuvenate skin damaged by such cancer treatments as chemotherapy and radiation, and other dry skin issues caused by medical conditions.

Developed with an exclusive patented technology, HylaSpongeSystem, the line of products promises to provide instant and long-term relief by restoring a natural balance to the skin’s look and feel. The HylaSpongeSystem, developed by the Matrix Biology Institute, acts like an elastic “second skin” and continually hydrates the skin’s surface and delivers water to its deeper layers, the company stated.

Acting much like a sponge, HylaSpongeSystem has the ability to hold 100 times its weight in water. Subsequently, hydration is greater, longer-lasting and more effective for skin care.

“Treatments for cancer, such as radiation and chemotherapy, can assault the skin’s moisture, making it uncomfortably dry or exceptionally irritated,” stated Andy Levenkron, founder at 3Rx, who also has spent the past 20 years developing several brands within the health and beauty industry. “Formulated with soothing and rejuvenating properties, the 3Rx Skin Therapy line was designed especially to help cancer patients and others who suffer from dry skin conditions. Our product helps to restore the skin to its natural state and greatly reduce painful dryness.”

The product line includes:

  • Gentle foaming cleanser is a mild cleansing solution that is designed to renew dry skin, which encourages the cell renewal process by eliminating impurities, dead surface cells and toxins;

  • Targeted serum restores damaged skin with a light, liquid gel crafted to return the skin's firmness and elasticity, while enhancing its natural radiance; and

  • Daily body repair cream helps to rejuvenate the entire body, with a cream that quenches excessively dry skin and helps recapture the skin’s vitality and resilience.