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Almell introduces Poshe age-defying hand and nail creme


DALLAS Almell Products, the maker of Poshe nail and hand products, has announced the creation of Potion of Youth Age-Defying Hand and Nail Creme.

The Poshe Potion of Youth was created to repair deep skin damage such as age spots that can be the result of too much sun exposure. It is formulated with age-defying peptides that promise to enhance and strengthen cell adhesion and promote the rebuilding of new organized collagen fibers in UV-damaged skin.

The formula also includes anti-aging retinol and shea butter to keep hands soft while promoting nail growth.

The ingredients that round out the lotion are vitamin B to promote strong nails, pomegranate to exfoliate and soften cuticles and Soluble Xylan to stimulate keratin and improve collagen. Poshe’s nail care products are free of formaldehyde and toluene.

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