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Always celebrates International Women's Day with new #LikeAGirl video



CINCINNATI — In celebration of International Women’s Day, feminine care brand Always has released a new video entitled “Always #LikeAGirl – Stronger Together,” to continue its mission to build girls’ confidence at puberty.

As an Official Sponsor of Super Bowl XLIX, Always moved and motivated millions by debuting a 60 second version of its influential #LikeAGirl video, shedding a light on the power of words and how the commonly used phrase “like a girl” — often used as an insult — can have a significant effect on girls’ self-confidence. Leading up to International Women’s Day on March 8, a day to appreciate and celebrate women’s achievements, Always is aiming to appreciate and celebrate the millions of girls across the globe sharing and showcasing the things they proudly do “like a girl” — including Olympic female hockey star Hilary Knight.

The Always #LikeAGirl campaign, which launched in June 2014, revealed the power of words and how girls’ confidence can plummet at puberty. The #LikeAGirl viral video has been viewed more than 85 million times in 150 countries and shared by more than 1.5 million people around the world. The campaign has demonstrated the profound effect the phrase “like a girl” can have on girls’ self-confidence and inspired a movement, which is starting to change public perception.

After seeing the #LikeAGirl video, most people (76% of women ages 16 to 24 and 59% of men) said the video changed their perception of the phrase “like a girl,” according to an Always Puberty and Confidence Wave II Study, conducted pre-Super Bowl. Also, 8-out-of-10 women (81%) say the video can change the way people think of the stereotypes surrounding women’s physical abilities, according to the Always survey.

The Always Confidence and Puberty Wave II Study was conducted using the Research Now Panel that surveyed a total of 1,800 Americans (1,300 American females aged 16 to 49 years old and 500 American males aged 16 to 49 years old). There was a nationally representative sample group of 1,000 females and 500 males as well as an additional boost of 150 African American and 150 Hispanic American females. The survey was implemented between the dates of Dec. 5 to Dec. 12, 2014.


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