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Amino Mason brings amino acids to beauty routines

Japanese beauty company Amino Mason wants to change consumers beauty routines.

The Boca Raton, Fla.-based company, which is part of the Cosmeist portfolio, unveiled its line of products, which features amino acid-enriched hair tools for men and women. Using botanical ingredients in its two new collections — moist and smooth — the brand is looking to help consumers find relief for various hair types.

The moist collection consists of a whip cream shampoo, milk cream treatment, butter milk mask pack, hair oil and night cream. The smooth line contains a whip cream shampoo, fruits cream treatment, oil cream mask pack and amino acid hair water.

“The Moist line is intended for people with very dry and damaged hair, and the Smooth line for those who are not experiencing such dryness,” Sariel Osada, director at Cosmeist, said. “In addition, if you have thick hair, I suggest going with the Moist line due to its thicker, heavier ingredients as it uses more oil content as opposed to the Smooth line which uses fruit extracts. Thin hair can go with either, but they would generally want to go with the Smooth line.”

Featured super amino acid complexes serve a base of ingredients from where each product is created, and travel into the cuticle’s third layer to re4plenish tresses, the company said.

“Our patented proprietary ingredient, 'Amino Keratin' is made of 16 amino acids and keratin protein that replenish hair with essential amino acids to repair and strengthen hair,” Osada said. “The Platinum helps to seal the hydration and amino acids in the hair shaft so you can rest assure in going under the sun, pool, beach and enjoying summer activities without worrying about your hair being damaged.”
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