Amope Pedi Prefect adds nail care system, improves foot file


PARSIPPANY, N.J. — Foot care company Amope Pedi Perfect announced Monday that it would be expanding its product line and its scope with its new Electronic Nail Care System. Amope is also improving its existing line by releasing the Extra Coarse Electronic Foot File.

The company’s new battery-operated nail care system features three attachments for filing, buffing and shining nails and has two speed settings. The system has also been designed for portability, able to fit in a purse or bag, the company said. The improved foot file now features a rotating head with diamond crystals for buffing away hard skin. It comes in pink, and the company’s signature blue roller head also comes with diamond crystals (the heads are also interchangeable).

“Given the success we saw with the new Amope foot care range of products in year one, expanding into nail care is the natural next step," Karen Chisholm, Marketing Director at RB, said. “With the Amope Pedi PerfectTMElectronic Nail Care System, we wanted to give women a simple tool to achieve shiny, healthy-looking nails without frequent and expensive trips to the salon. We want to give them the confidence to love every step.” 

The nail care system and the new file retail for $36.84 to $49.99 and are sold at Target, Walmart, CVS, Walgreens, Rite Aid and, as well as Bed Bath and Beyond.

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