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ArtCosmetics sets its sights on business growth

ArtCosmetics, an Italian-based cosmetic manufacturer that delivers ArtLab formulas, is setting its sights on business growth.

The company announced that its business doubled in dollar growth from $52.6 million to $108.7 million since 2015. Its new goal is to reach $210 million by 2022, in addition to opening a new plant close to its current one in Mozzanica, Italy.

“The project relating to the new headquarters is essential in order to increase growth over the next four years,” Pierfranco Accardo, chief executive officer of ArtCosmetics said. “By innovation, we mean not only in the development of our formulas but also in the investment of high-tech tools to ensure we deliver on our corporate mission for excellence.”

This new plant will feature a 16,145 sq.-ft. laboratory, and produce emulsions, anhydrides, foundations, mascaras and lipsticks. In addition, a pilot area also is to be included, where experiments with advanced work processes and powders can be conducted, the company said.

ArtCosmetics currently has 280 customers across 29 countries, and in 2014 opened its first North American office in New York City, which is led by Lori Kutch.

The brand currently works with brands all across the globe, covering prestige to masstige and specialty stores to direct-to-consumer companies.

“The founders spirit, based on highly technical research, is the companies calling card”, Accardo said. “We are an enterprise that produces specialties, not commodities, which is at the basis of our corporate mission and goal to keep providing clients with award-winning ArtLab formulas.”
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