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Athlete-tested skincare line benefits charity


Several top athletes have joined forces to develop a skincare line that is athlete-tested and benefits charity.

Professional basketball player Steve Nash, Gold Medal skateboarder Ryan Sheckler, professional soccer player Mia Hamm, Gold Medal snowboarder Gretchen Bleiler, Gold Medal swimmer Amanda Beard and professional basketball player Carmelo Anthony are the co-founders of Mission Product.

Mission Product is the brainchild of athlete Charlie Engle, who conceptualized the line after finishing a 111-day run last year across the Sahara Desert and teaming up with entrepreneur and skincare industry veteran Josh Shawn. The aforementioned group of athletes then joined the Mission Product team to help with product innovation and development. Other athletes such as Hunter Kemper, Sarah Haskins and Jessica Mendoza have since signed on.

The line includes a no-sweat sunscreen with SPF 30 and anti-aging technology, a vitamin lip balm with SPF 20, an anti-friction cream, a restorative foot gel and an after-sun revive gel for post sun and wind exposure. The company just launched its signature line of Lip Balmers with Scheckler’s Orange flavor, Bleiler’s Sweet Vanilla flavor and the Mission Mint flavor. The produces are infused with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. They are free of preservatives, irritants and are animal cruelty-free.

Mission Product supports the charities of its athletes, including The Sheckler Foundation, The Steve Nash Foundation, The Mia Hamm Foundation and H2O Africa, among others.

A video, by Meathawk Productions, a company Nash recently started, starring the line’s founders can be viewed at

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