Australian beauty brand for tweens/teens to hit Ulta stores in May


NEW YORK — The Australian skin care brand for teens and tweens, called Bellaboo, is launching at Ulta Beauty stores in May as part of the retailer’s new tween/teen beauty space.

“It is important to Ulta Beauty that we offer appropriate choices for all of our beauty enthusiasts, regardless of age,” stated Ulta SVP merchandising Janet Taake. “Bellaboo was selected as part of Ulta Beauty’s new assortment for younger customers because of its all-natural approach and expert understanding and immersion with its tween/teen audience.”

Bellaboo president, Snezna Kerekovic, an ex-beauty editor and beauty publicist, created the all-natural skin care system for girls starting their skin care journeys; teen girls in the midst of puberty-related skin issues; and college girls not yet ready for heavy-duty anti-aging skin care.

The skin care system is comprised of three steps, each numbered, for her daily regimen:

  1. All That Clean Skin Facial Wash;

  2. Buff Skin Facial Exfoliator; and 

  3. Gorgeous Skin Moisture Dew.

As well as its basic skin care system, Bellaboo has a number of treatment products specifically targeting the problems of that tween/teen skin.

E Z Blitz Serum is a natural anti-pimple serum that draws from nature’s pimple fighters, rather than harsh chemicals, to normalize and balance skin versus simply drying the pimple out. Girls swear that pimples are cleared up within two to three days minus the skin irritation they experience with benzoyl or salicylic acid-based creams.

Bellaboo’s treatment masks come in flavors: Sweet Sin Chocolate Face Mask, 
Berry Nice Face Fix and Clear Skin Smoothie Mask.

Beyond the skin care line, Bellaboo has created a complete brand experience for its demographic that allows it to connect 24/7. Bellaboo has its own online magazine covering everything that is going on in her life. It is 100% teen-centric — written by a teen editorial team for teens. Bellaboobabe Chatterchicks are the brand’s ambassadors and teen team of social networkers who spread the Bellaboo word online and provide teen insights daily. BBTV is Bellaboo’s own TV segment produced monthly by its 14-year-old producer.

And, Kerekovic’s own personal mission around helping boost girls’ self-esteem is a pivotal part of Bellaboo. Bellaboo’s Make the Change program is all about helping girls with the massive issues around self-esteem. The program currently is online with plans to create a Foundation that will work to create innovative self-esteem programs. Bellaboo is on a mission to make girls feel good about themselves inside and out.

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