Axe, Marvel launch a team of superheroes

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Axe, Marvel launch a team of superheroes

Axe is looking to target a wider range of consumers thanks to its new collaboration with Marvel.

The Englewood Cliffs, N.J.-based company announced that alongside the comic giant, it has created a new team of superheroes inspired by its Ice Chill collection.

Consisting of a team of seemingly normal high-school students with super abilities, the heroes were created to help teens everywhere stay chill, and look to show how young guys and girls are most confident and attractive when confidently cool, the company said.

"Comic books are awesome storytelling vehicles for our teen fans, so working with Marvel was a no-brainer" Mark Lodwick, Axe's brand director,  said. "Axe believes attraction and confidence are powers guys can tap into everyday to be their best selves, so creating a team of young super heroes who routinely flex that confidence when facing adversity is a perfect way to reinforce this belief to our guys. Also by creating a mixtape, we drew on our fans love of hip hop to further explore these characters and extend the experience, fun and enjoyment of the Fresh-Men to our fans."

The Fresh-Men is a story that takes places at the Future Minds School of Science & Technology, one of the Wakanda outreach academies for inner-city youth, and features:

  • Damian Garcia, aka Burner, is fireproof and can generate heat biologically, as well as blast projectiles of fire from his hands;

  • Alyssa Jordan, also known as Windchill, can generate cold, which manifests as wind or ice. She also can make water from moisture in the air or steam if working with Damian;

  • Danny Lee, aka Kid Vanish, can make himself invisible and, while in this state, can pass through most sold objects. His power conflicts with his desire to be the center of attention;

  • Emily Everheart, or Override, has nanobots pulsing through her blood, so she’s able to understand and speak any language on Earth, including computer language; and

  • Tyrell Taylor, aka Doubletime, is a superior athlete and can either move very fast or slow down time.

In addition, rapper and actor SuperDuperKyle will make a cameo in the series and join Axe and Marvel at the Interactive Zone at the 2019 Comic-Con International in San Diego on July 20.

Viewers can see the heroes in action via a five-part video comic series at Axe’s website.

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