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BareMinerals to launch first-ever global marketing campaign


WASHINGTON and LONDON — BareMinerals has announced that it will launch in February its first-ever global marketing campaign, dubbed “Be a Force of Beauty.”

Rooted in the company’s 35-year history, “Be a Force of Beauty” amplifies the core belief that beauty can change the world, both by inspiring positivity and activating women to put beauty into action.

“Celebrating women isn’t new for us; it’s who we are and what we do. It’s always been more than a philosophy, it’s really our DNA,” stated Leslie Blodgett, creator of BareMinerals. “We have a responsibility to not just tell a singular story of beauty, but rather share in the collective spirit of women around the globe.”

The first iteration of “Be a Force of Beauty” will roll out to the United Kingdom in spring 2012. Supported by integrated marketing efforts, the campaign creative will feature five women, each personifying a “Force of Beauty” as identified during a blind casting held in late summer. Recognizing that beauty is not solely defined by a physical manifestation, the methodology behind the blind casting is meant to highlight the symbolic relationship between confidence and beauty, demonstrating that it’s the effect of confidence on the world that is the hallmark of true beauty.

The global campaign will be supported by print, digital and social marketing efforts throughout Europe. The campaign creative is designed to elicit a social discussion around beauty and motivate women into action.

With a large scope for interpretation, BareMinerals partnered with the photographer Rankin, to inject soul into the print campaign.

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