Beiersdorf introduces Nivea Lip Care


NEW YORK Beiersdorf is broadening its U.S. portfolio with the launch of Nivea Lip Care, the company announced Tuesday, a venture into a new product category for Beiersdorf.

“We believe that Nivea Lip Care will perform well in the marketplace, as the category has seen steady sales during the past five years,” stated Nicolas Maurer, vice president of marketing at Beiersdorf U.S.A. “We will drive the product launch with a fully integrated marketing campaign which engages consumers by focusing on the emotional benefits of the product, marking a departure from the functional messages that we currently see in the marketplace.”

“This is a first of its kind launch in the category,” aded Bill Graham, vice president of sales at Beiersdorf, U.S.A. “Nivea brings a total category solution to our customers. We offer a functionally superior range of products, a unique consumer communication platform, and a solid financial framework to our customers.”

Nivea Lip Care will have 11 different variants and 22 SKUs. Products will be available in both blister card and loose form. Each Nivea Lip Care product provides moisturization along with additional benefits such as relief, protection, color, gloss and anti-aging in a non-waxy consistency.

The product line up is as follows:

  • A Kiss of Moisture—Essential Lip Care and Hydrating Lip Care SPF 4 are specifically formulated to provide moisturization and protect lips from dryness. Products are available in a stick format.
  • A Kiss of Protection—Sun Protection Lip Care SPF 30 effectively prevents moisture loss and protects lips from sun damage. Product is available in a stick format.
  • A Kiss of Flavor—Tinted Lip Care in Cherry and Passion Fruit. The Tinted Lip Care products provide moisturization, while giving lips a hint of color and a fruity flavor. Comes in two flavors: cherry and passion fruit. Products are available in a stick format.
  • A Kiss of Shimmer—Pearly Shimmer Lip Care provides moisturization along with the pearly shimmer effect. Product is available in a stick format.
  • A Kiss of Shine—Glossy Lip Care gives lips a glossy shine without any sticky residue. Comes in three shades - natural, red and pink. Products are available in a tube format.
  • A Kiss of Rejuvenation—Anti-Aging Lip Care SPF 4 enhances the natural fullness of lips and reduces the appearance of fine lines. Product is available in a tube format.
  • A Kiss of Relief—SOS Lip Care provides instant care for dry, chapped lips while supporting lips’ natural healing process. Product is available in a tube format.

Nivea Lip Care will be available at all food, drug and mass merchandisers nationwide in September 2008 in the cough/cold aisle. Suggested retail price is $3.99 for tube products and $2.99 for stick product.

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