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Cleanlogic celebrates launch of Green Collection with NYC event


NEW YORK — IMS Trading’s Cleanlogic bath and body care line — which is dedicated to raising awareness, as well as funds for those who struggle with blindness — has announced the launch of its new Green Collection, a groundbreaking entry into the world of eco-friendly bath and body care.

The 13-SKU collection includes everything from mesh bath sponges and facial buffs to moisture gloves and socks. Materials used for these products include bamboo and ramie plants, synthetic bristles, and natural loofah materials that are grown from the ground. Products within the collection will, of course, be packaged with the brand’s signature Braille labels. Prices for products in the Cleanlogic Green line range from $1.99 to $5.99.

To celebrate the launch, Cleanlogic recently invited members of media to step into the shoes of one of the 25 million blind and visually impaired individuals currently living in the United States. The brand took attendees through a “Dining in the Dark” event with the help of Dark Dining Projects, an innovative way to bring visually healthy individuals face-to-face with the experience of blindness.

Members of the media enjoyed four of their own senses to the fullest extent as they indulged in food by Camaje restaurant and specialty cocktails by Bombay Sapphire East, while wearing masks that completely shielded any light from entering their view. Prior to the dinner, CEO of Cleanlogic, Isaac Shapiro and CEO of the American Foundation for the Blind, Carl Augusto, welcomed guests and shared the brand’s mission to create “products with a vision for tomorrow,” and the importance of creating products that can be accessed and enjoyed by everyone, including people with disabilities like vision loss.

Cleanlogic is known for its public commitment to educating consumers about the rapidly growing visually impaired community, and also for its dedication to creating products that are accessible to those who live with blindness through its integration of functional Braille on product packaging. Inspired by the experiences of Shapiro’s mother, Bea, who was diagnosed with legal blindness as a young child, a portion of Cleanlogic’s proceeds are donated to the Inspiration Foundation, Shapiro’s nonprofit foundation that benefits the blind and visually-impaired community.


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