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Clio Designs introduces new Hypergroom Body Groomer for men


BOSTON — Clio Designs, which launched in 2004 its longneck DIY cordless rechargeable body shaver, is aiming to revolutionize the men’s body grooming industry yet again with the introduction of its new Hypergroom Body Groomer.

The Hypergroom Body Groomer is a triple-blade, battery-operated body groomer for bi-directional trimming and shaving, complete with three trimming guides for various hair lengths. It features an ergonomic design for tackling all body zones.

“Over the years, men’s body grooming has increasingly grown more and more popular with younger generations of men who are looking to push the boundaries of grooming and personal style, yet find themselves recently within the realm of a tight budget,” stated Jamie Leventhal, EVP of Clio Designs. “The Hypergroom Body Groomer gives young men their own unique option in body grooming … a stylish razor with a strong design and utility for use on all body zones. Offered in stores for under $15, the Hypergroom represents a new wave in men’s body grooming, one that’s innovative and intuitive, giving young men the cleanly groomed look they desire at an extremely affordable cost.”

Hypergroom Body Groomer is priced at $11.99 and available at major retailers across the United States, including CVS/pharmacy and Ulta, and online at, and

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