Coppertone pushes for transparency in sun protection products


WHIPPANY, N.J. — Coppertone maker Bayer recently announced that it had commissioned an independent assessment aimed at providing consumers more confidence when choosing a sunscreen. The company hired AccountAbility to assess Bayer’s internal processes, systems, controls and performance guidelines for the labeling accuracy of its 10 top-selling Coppertone products, then publicize the results.

"Consumers are receiving information about sun protection from a variety of often contradictory sources, which is causing confusion. They want assurance that product performance claims are based on legitimate scientific testing," Bayer VP personal care development center Michael Tune said. "As a leader in the U.S. sun care industry, we wanted to utilize our long-standing leadership to meet the changing expectations of consumers by voluntarily conducting - and sharing - this independent assurance assessment."

Coppertone introduced the first commercial sun care product in 1944 and introduced the “Sun Protection Factor,” or SPF index in 1972, becoming the first company to label its products with an SPF designation. The standard was later adopted by the Food and Drug Administration and the whole sun care industry, the company said.

"Coppertone has continued its commitment to quality, excellence, innovation and truth in labeling, backed up by science, clinically relevant data and robust testing," said Eduardo Ruvolo, Director, U.S. & International Medical Affairs, Sun Care and Skin Care. "The results of the independent assurance assessment show that Coppertone products consistently and reliably provide the level of sun protection that our consumers expect, and trust us to deliver."

Bayer acquired Coppertone in 2014. The company allowed AccountAbility access to its:

  • Processes, systems, controls, performance data, principles and internal guidelines

  • Testing and performance guidelines developed and enforced in accordance with U.S. regulations

  • Quality assurance processes and systems developed and enforced for packaging and labeling

  • Bayer's processes, controls and performance guidelines used to manage their suppliers

  • 10 different products, including lotions, sprays, sticks and its new "whipped" sunscreens

And the assessment found that Bayer's products comply with internal and all applicable external guidelines to ensure the labeling accuracy of Coppertone products, accurately test and implement quality assurance procedures, and are found to comply with quality, safety and efficacy requirements, the company said.

To read the full report, click here.

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