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Coty unveils Beyoncé's new Rise fragrance


NEW YORK — Coty has officially unveiled the new Beyoncé Rise fragrance.

"The spirit of Rise encourages women to be all that we are," Beyoncé stated.

To create this new scent, Beyoncé partnered with Loc Dong, a perfumer at IFF, to design a mélange of accords that leave a lasting impression. Beyoncé continued the theme of incorporating her favorite flower, the orchid, into her newest fragrance. When Dong encountered the Gold Symphony Orchid, known as Queen of the Orchids, in the IFF Botanical Gardens, it struck both a musical and olfactory chord with him. He made it the featured note in the fragrant composition.

"The Orchid is the centerpiece of Rise," Dong stated. "The Golden Apricot helps create a bold statement that is also playful."

Gold is featured prominently in the Rise bottle designed by Ken Hirst. The gold juice is encased in a tall, elegant glass bottle. The gold collar flows around the soft lines of the bottle, evoking a melodic sense of rhythm and perpetual motion. The cap's sculptural cluster of golden crystals ascends even higher, exuding strength and fortitude. Combining gold accents and crystal clear glass, crisp lines and smooth edges, the Rise bottle aims to capture Beyoncé's resilient spirit and graceful femininity.

To capture the captivating spirit and energy of Rise, Beyoncé partnered with film director Jake Nava to create a cinematic interpretation with an inspiring message. Shot with a phantom camera, Beyoncé slowly emerges from glinting clouds of golden dust and ascends into an uplifting image.


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