Derma e supports Paraguayan communities, environment


SIMI VALLEY, Calif. Skin care company Derma e Natural Bodycare is continuing efforts to make a positive impact on the biological and environmental conditions in Paraguay, and raise money for nongovernmental organizations.

Through the Paraguay Project, which is a three-tiered charitable program supporting the people, rainforest and land of Paraguay, Derma e purchases hand-crafted Spiderweb Lace at a fair market price directly from co-ops in Paraguay. The product is then sold to U.S. boutiques and online, and Derma e donates full profits, as well as a percentage of all product sales, to three nongovernmental organizations: Guyra Paraguay, Clyde E. Bay Foundation and GlobaI Infancia.

In 2008, through Derma e's donations to the Clyde E. Bay Foundation, the organization built a nursing school in Paraguay with full accreditation from the Paraguayan government.  The Clyde E. Bay Foundation is an organization that helps poor rural young women and men get an education and earn a living wage. Also, Global Infancia in 2008 strengthened areas of administration, resources and communication in order to continue to provide development and educational programs that work towards protecting the rights of children and adolescents in Paraguay, Derma e stated.

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