Dr. Bronner’s rolls out new website


VISTA, Calif. — Natural soap brand Dr. Bronner’s on Friday announced the launch of its new website featuring a revamped store section to facilitate easier ordering of the company’s products. The site was designed with the aim of providing a mobile-friendly shopping experience and including such information as featured ingredients on product pages and the story of the brand’s activism. 


“We are proud of our new website as a reflection of our growth and development as a company in both size and strategy,” said Dr. Bronner’s president Michael Bronner. “The site represents both the "soap" and "soul" sides of our company. Our products have never looked better, and you can navigate seamlessly between those products and stories that reflect the deeper principles of our company. From our ancestral roots in the German-Jewish soapmaking tradition, to our modern day fair trade and organic sourcing across the globe, the breadth of our "All-One!" mission as family soapmakers dedicated to making a better world shines for all to see and understand on this site."


The website is organized into six sections that are structured around the company’s six cosmic principles that guide it’s “All-One!” mission: Work hard and grow, Do right by customers, Treat employees like family, Be fair to suppliers, Treat the earth like home and Fund and fight for what’s right.


“We are a company with a big heart, a lot of soul, and a powerful message,” Dr. Bronners cosmic engagement officer David Bronner said. “Our new website is the perfect platform to convey everything we feel should be known about our products, our history, our work, and our mission.”


The website also features an All-One blog that will offer a view into company activities and information about its various causes and activism efforts it is involved in. The blog will also feature tips for using Dr. Bronner’s products from Lisa Bronner.


“I'm particularly excited about our new All-One blog. We used it just this week to highlight a statement underscoring our support for immigrants and refugees in light of the President's travel ban,” David Bronner said. “This is the kind of important message my brother and I will use this blog to communicate more and more.”


During February, the revamped store section will feature 25% discounts on all items and will have rotating discounts on different items every month throughout the year. It will also make available scents that have only been sold overseas, starting in April with cherry blossom and green tea scented liquid and bar soap. The store also features t-shirts, toiletry bags, gift baskets and the newly released “Sisters & Brothers” spoken-word record that features original recordings of Emmanuel Bronner’s Moral ABC. 


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