Dr. Duve Babies & Kids line enters U.S. market


DELRAY BEACH, Fla. — Dr. Duve Babies & Kids, a product line that aims to provide healthy skin care solutions for little ones, is entering the U.S. market through a partnership with Nutritional Products International.

The line, which is part of the Dr. Duve Skin Care brand, offers parents a way to treat and prevent some of the most common skin problems faced by children and babies, including neurodermatitis. It has been developed by German dermatologist Stefan Duve, who has a wide range of expertise in dealing with the skin problems of children.

"Children today face many different types of skin problems, but there are very few solutions out there to help deal with them," Duve stated. "We are very pleased to launch these products in the United States, as they have the potential to help millions of parents to find the skin care solutions they need for their children's skin."

The product line was born out of Duve's experience in treating children with skin issues, as there were not many preventive and care products available. The skin of small children is especially sensitive and is about five times thinner than that of an adult, and it tends to be drier and more vulnerable to infection. Because of this, children and babies require a special kind of skin care, according to Duve.

In response, Duve developed the Babies & Kids line, which utilizes natural ingredients from around the world and is designed to gradually build up the strength of the skin each day.

Dr. Duve Babies & Kids includes wind and weather cream, skin care oil, nappy rash cream, skin lotion, bath silk, shampoo and sun protection items. All of its products are paraben-free and avoid the use of preservatives and synthetic coloring.

"We are very excited to assist Dr. Duve Skin Care in its efforts to launch its Babies & Kids line in the U.S.," stated Brian Gould, director of operations for NPI, which provides sales and distribution services for worldwide brands. "This line fills a very big need in the market for parents to get the skin care solutions they need for their children."

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