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Dr. Fresh Tooth Talk Tour educates kids on dental health


LOS ANGELES Dr. Fresh, the maker of the FireFly toothbrush, is aiming to educate students in Southern California elementary schools through its Tooth Talk Tour.

The tour, which kicked off in late 2007 in Southern California, visiting schools in many underserved communities, is expected to expand to additional schools in the coming months.

Schools participating in the tour receive a visit from the FireFly, the “flashy” character that has become the emblem of the Dr. Fresh approach to brushing. The FireFly appears at assemblies for grades K-5. After each assembly, every child attending receives a gift bag that includes a tooth brushing chart and a FireFly toothbrush.

“Not all of our families have access to adequate oral care and even the purchase of a toothbrush can be a hardship for them,” stated Debbie Worchell, a third grade teacher at Camellia Avenue School in North Hollywood. “Dental disease is high on the list of reasons for missed school, so as educators we are grateful to have a resource like this.”

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