Eighteen B brings biomaterials to skin care

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Eighteen B brings biomaterials to skin care

There’s a new beauty brand on the scene looking to shake up the skin care category.

Eighteen B, a brand that uses innovative biomaterials in its products, is looking to share with consumers a line of products that work with the skin to restore firmness and also tone through a combination of b-silk protein and clean ingredients, the company said.

B-silk protein works with such structural proteins found in the skin as collagen and elastin to strengthen its extracellular matrix. The brand develops this protein through a clean and environmentally sound fermentation process in its lab, which allows the product to retain more of the silk’s beneficial properties.

As part of its initial launch, the brand is bringing two products to the table:

  • Revitalizing Hydrogel Moisturizer, which is made with b-silk protein, absorbs into the skin, locks in moisture, hydrates, and can be applied under makeup for a smooth look; and

  • Hydrate + Restore Rich Cream, which contains b-silk protein, nourishes skin, restores vital functions, reinforces firmness and absorbs into the skin for a smooth appearance.

Developed by chief scientific officer Lindsay Wright, who studied biomedical engineering at Tufts University, she realized there was a potential for silk protein to be used as an ingredient in skin care products, the company said.