The Emerson Group goes prime time with 'The Profit'

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The Emerson Group goes prime time with 'The Profit'

By Michael Johnsen - 12/12/2017

The Emerson Group went prime time on the Dec. 12 episode of CNBC’s “The Profit.” The show’s millionaire business fixer Marcus Lemonis turned to Matt Poli, executive vice president of marketing at Emerson, and his team to review the potential behind a new skin care brand in the show’s latest episode. 

The episode saw Lemonis travel to Garrettsville, Ohio to help save the business of Monica Potter, star of the television series "Parenthood." Potter started a home goods store near her family in rural Ohio and, according to the clip above, is looking to expand into the consumer packaged goods beauty business.

This isn't the first time Poli and Lemonis have shared a stage together.

Earlier this year, Lemonis joined The Emerson Group for its 10th Annual Retail Industry Day in Philadelphia as the keynote speaker." [The Profit] is really not about business. It uses business as a backdrop, as a vehicle, to get the message across. The show is really about [people]," Lemonis told a room packed with Industry Day attendees. That focus on people is the true differentiator for small business, he added, and it's how successful entrepreneurs break through the clutter.

"I've always wanted my legacy to be; How do we get people to think differently about business and attach a personal perspective to it? How does that, over time, not level the playing field with 'big business,' but how does the small business owner get an edge?" he asked.

It's that passion for the small business owner that Lemonis will deployed in his attempt to help Potter take her business back to the black. 

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