Energizer Holdings acquires S.C. Johnson shave business


ST. LOUIS Energizer Holdings is expanding its shave business by acquiring from S.C. Johnson & Son the Edge and Skintimate brands for $275 million.

"We are very exciting about combining the Edge and Skintimate brands with our Schick-Wilkinson Sword shaving business, strengthening both in the process," stated Ward Klein, CEO. "As leading brands in the U.S. men's and women's shave preparation category, Edge and Skintimate are a logical and attractive adjacency for our shaving business."

Under certain circumstances, Energizer may elect to issue to S.C. Johnson, in lieu of cash payment of the purchase price, shares on non-voting redeemable preferred stock, with a liquidation preference of $310 million, and semi-annual dividends.

The acquisition is subject to customary conditions and regulatory approval.

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