EO Products changes name to Small World Trading Co.


SAN RAFAEL, Calif. — EO Products, a maker of natural and organic personal care products, has announced that it will now operate under its original company name, Small World Trading Co.


SWTC was founded in 1995 when it launched its first product line, EO. On the heels of the 2012 launch of the EveryOne line, the company has decided to rebrand to more specifically reflect a parent company to both of the product lines — EO and EveryOne brands, the company stated.


Steps are under way to formerly launch the new branding and identity and, within the next few months, SWTC will introduce a new URL and website redesign.

“When we started on this adventure 20 years ago, we had one line of products: EO. Now, with EveryOne, we are reaching more people in more places than we ever have before,” said Brad Black, co-founder of SWTC. “We love EO — it’s our baby — and it’s the right name for a one product business. Since we introduced the EveryOne line we’ve grown as a company, and in the process we’ve outgrown our name.”

“Nothing has changed except what we call ourselves,” said Susan Griffin-Black, co-founder of SWTC. “Going back to our SWTC origins, we are reaffirming our commitment to what kind of company we want to be moving forward — a company rooted in essential principles of doing the right thing and holding fast to the values that have made us who we are.”


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