eSalon offers insights into women’s hair dyeing behavior


CULVER CITY, Calif. — Custom hair color and hair care brand eSalon recently conducted a survey ahead of National Color Day, which is Oct. 22. The survey provides information about habits among women who dye their hair, noting that half of those surveyed said they went gray earlier than they expected to, with 25% noticing their first gray hair in their twenties.

According to the survey, women who dye their hair are looking to be proactive, as 53% said they started coloring their hair when they had 0-15% gray hair, starting to dye it at age 30 on average. When it comes to frequency, most respondents said they color their hair every four to five weeks.

There is some difficulty in finding the right color, as 64% of respondents said they hvaen’t been able to find their preferred dye in a store, leading 84% of those to find a similar color and 13% to find a different color. Almost a quarter of women surveyed had tried four different at-home dyes in the last five years.

eSalon make hair care products that include its custom hair color, personalized after customers upload a photo and answer some questions. 

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