Estee Lauder introduces two eye makeup collections


NEW YORK Estee Lauder has released the Brow Perfecting Duo, which comprises clear styling wax and shaded powder, as well as a hard-angled brush for applying powder and a grooming wand for applying the wax.

Another Estee Lauder product, the Signature Eyeshadow Quads, contains four color ranges, each with two color palettes. The color ranges are pink to berry, mauve to blue, nude to brown and gold to green.

The Signature Eyeshadow Quad is available for $35, and Brow Perfecting Duo is available for $26. Brow Perfecting Duo is part of the Brow Focus collection, which also includes brow-setting gel for $16 and a brow-shaping pencil, advertised on the company’s U.K. site for about $25.

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