Ethnic beauty brand Firstline targets tweens with new Sleek hair accessories line


HOUSTON — Firstline, a manufacturer of hair care accessories for multicultural consumers, this summer is expanding its Sleek line to include tween hair accessories.

The new line of Sleek accessories will launch with headbands, elastics and clips geared towards the style-driven, price-conscious tween shopper. “The key to success in a tween market is appealing to both tweens and parents," stated Joni Odum, Firstline marketing director. "Tweens are all about what is hip, colorful, fun and cool. Parents are looking for chic accessories or gifts that are also age appropriate."

To honor their free spirits and empower their newfound fascination with fashion on a limited budget, Sleek offers savvy tweens fun, dynamic, stylish and affordable accessories in step with the hottest fashion trends,” Odum added.

With a market of more than 60 million consumers who have an estimated buying power of more than $1.5 billion, Firstline has positioned its products throughout the United States for mass distribution to national beauty, mass, food and drug chains. “Firstline is doing what we can to make it easier for young adults to feel great about their hair and themselves,” stated Robert Bowser, Firstline’s president and CEO. “At prices that range from $2.97 to $8.97, these newest Sleek accessories offer tweens an exciting way to enhance their style in seconds without a lot of expense.”

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