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Euromonitor launches information system to measure ingredients in cosmetics


CHICAGO Euromonitor International, an independent provider of business intelligence on industries, countries and consumers, has announced the launch of its “Passport: Ingredients,” an information system that measures the use of ingredients in consumer products, including cosmetics.

"Our ingredient clients are looking to us to give detailed insights on how their markets are evolving so they can build strategies for the future. Equally, it can play a valuable role within any company manufacturing and marketing products to the consumer, especially in terms of procurement efficiencies," stated John Madden, ingredients manager at Euromonitor International.

The research system analyzes and measures volume demand for 400 ingredients across 600 product categories, including cosmetics, in 80 countries, providing detailed market intelligence for ingredient manufacturers, suppliers and their customers.

The system also analyzes both supply and demand-side issues, from consumer and product trends such as growing health awareness and flavor preferences, to product and technology developments.

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