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Foreo intros AI-enabled beauty assistant

Foreo’s latest addition to its product line is merging the worlds of tech and beauty.

The Stockholm-based company unveiled its new smart beauty coach, which comes in the form of an artificial intelligence-enabled facial cleansing device, the Luna fofo.

"This FOREO device is capable of self-learning and is differentiated from other skincare products by its ability to advance day after day,” Filip Sedic, founder and CEO of Foreo said.

The tool’s skin care treatment balances moisture levels with information from a skincare quiz on the Foreo For You app, and then customizes the frequency, power and duration of the T-Sonic pulsations on the user’s skin.

“Our future products plan to detect air quality and the user's skin condition in real time. Based on all the data, the device could come up with a mode of treatment that is most suitable at that very moment,” Sedic said. “The device will soon be able to predict what kind of treatment, products or tools are best needed for the days ahead."

The Luna fofo is available for purchase on the company’s website for $89, and the Foreo For You app is available to be downloaded for free from the App Store for iOS or Google Play store.
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