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Get Lashed! Lash Shops 'pop' up at CVS' Beauty360 stores


NEW YORK POP Beauty has announced the opening of Get Lashed! Lash Shops exclusively at CVS' Beauty360 stores.

There currently are four Beauty 360 stores in operation in Mission Viejo, Calif.; Palos Verdes, Calif.; Ridgefield, Conn.; and Washington, D.C. A fifth store in Yorba Linda, Calif., is scheduled to open Dec. 14.

The Get Lashed! Lash Shops are staffed with a lash consultant for personalized application. There are 15 lash looks to choose from. 

The collection includes:

  • Dressed Up Lashes ($10): "Ooh la la" looks ranging from Darling, which adds thickness and lusciousness, to Diva, which is ultra-flattering, long and jet black. Individual lashes can also be purchased to build up a look gradually and for the exact eye enhancement.
  • Icon Lashes ($12): Super sultry looks ranging from Liza, which releases your inner showgirl, to Twiggy, the ultimate fashionista 60's lash flash, to Brigitte, which takes you from St. Tropez to Bardot.
  • Fantasy Lashes ($15): This collection includes Wonderland (a touch of whimsy and pink feathers), Fantasia (light-catching sparklers) and Rhapsody (tipped with black plumes).

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