Gillette finds clean-shaven men climb corporate ladder


NEW YORK Clean-shaven guys have an edge in the job market, according to a recent Gillette survey of human resource professionals. Looking to provide men with the tools to help them look their best, the personal care company has launched the new Gillette Career Advantage on its Web site.

According to the survey, conducted by Harris Interactive of more than 500 human resource professionals, 84% agree that well-groomed employees climb the corporate ladder faster than those who are not well groomed. When it comes to first impressions, 90% of human resource professionals place more importance on being well groomed that even a firm handshake.

Nearly two-thirds of those surveyed believe that a candidate's physical appearance is important in distinguishing them from other job candidates, and more than 90% agree that candidates who take the time to be well groomed project confidence.

Survey respondents also cited facial stubble as one of the biggest red flags when meeting a job candidate for the first time, while 83% said that being clean shaven is at least somewhat important in making a good first impression. Other areas of concern for human resource professionals include body odor and sweat stains, and wrinkled and inappropriate or ill-fitting clothing.

To help arm guys with the necessary tools, the company has launched at, a destination where job seekers and professionals looking to get ahead can review expert advice from GQ style correspondent Brett Fahlgren and Mark Jeffries, business consultant, communications expert and author of the book "What's up with your handshake?" Visitors can also take the Gillette Career Quiz and view the Hire Guide to see what human resource professionals really think.

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