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Hey Dude Skin Care revamps line to simplify his grooming needs


MIAMI BEACH, Fla. — Hey Dude Skin Care has introduced a new series of men’s skin care and grooming products that was designed to serve the needs of today’s modern “dude."

By replacing its past series of branded products with a simple, step-by-step system of products comprising a system it calls “Dudification,” Hey Dude Skin Care addresses all of the major grooming needs of guys: exfoliation, shaving, post-shave treatment, moisturizing and sun protection.

“In today’s marketplace, there is a serious lack of skin care products that serve that segment of men who are savvy and image-conscious but who don’t want to overspend on products with ingredients they don’t really need,” stated Susan Berner, CEO of Hey Dude Skin Care. Instead of settling for recognized cheaper mass brands or overpaying for products at a department store, Dudes have the chance to buy new high-performance Hey Dude Skin Care products that are affordably priced from $9.99 to $17.99.

Hey Dude has combined a deep facial cleanser with a shave gel in its Dude Cleansing Shave Gel. Its Dude Wash 3-in-1 goes even further by combining body wash, shampoo and shave gel with two pheromones it said will help guys attract the ladies.

The products are currently sold online at, but the company noted that it is in active discussions with a number of brick-and-mortar retailers to make the products available in stores nationwide. In addition, the company is promoting its products to its target audience of “dudes” through social media outlets, including Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare.

The series includes:

  • Dude Scrub ($15.99): Fresh citrus pre-shave skin exfoliator — Step 1 in Dudification;

  • Dude Cleansing Shave Gel ($14.99): Low foaming, eucalyptus-infused formula — Step 2 in “Dudification”;

  • Dude Aftershave Gel ($16.99): Menthol and alcohol-free irritation eliminator — Step 3 in “Dudification”;

  • Dude Moisturizer ($16.49): All-day moisture with vitamins C and E — Step 4 in “Dudification”;

  • Dude Wash ($9.99): 3-in-1 dual pheromone-infused body wash, shampoo and shave gel; and

  • Dude Self Tanner ($17.99): SPF-15 oil-free formula with aloe and vitamins A, C and E.

The company plans to introduce a number of new products in the next year, including hair care, fragrances and other grooming products.

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