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Independent cosmetics organization speaks out against Globalization Act


INDIAN TRAIL, N.C. The Indie Beauty Network is claiming that the proposed Food and Drug Administration’s Globalization Act would cripple small cosmetic manufacturers, according to published reports.

The companies’ bone of contention is the requirement of the act to register products and ingredients annually with the FDA, which will cause a significant amount of overhead cost. Donna Marie Coles Johnson, chief executive officers of the Indie Beauty Network, said the draft FDA Globalization Act imposes fees of up to $12,000 a year just for the “privilege” of selling so much as a bar of soap or a quarter ounce tube of lip balm.

She also said the legislation will “make it impossible for small and family-owned firms to compete or even start a new cosmetics business.”

Also under the proposals, companies will have to comply with good manufacturing practices and report all anticipated and unanticipated adverse events.

The Indie Beauty Network is preparing a petition to present to Congress with the aim of stopping the FDA Globalization Act in its tracks.

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