Ivory, Olay, Old Spice introduce DUOs


CINCINNATI — A new innovation from Procter & Gamble is bringing body wash and bar soap together across three of the company’s brands, it announced Tuesday. Ivory, Olay and Old Spice are introducing the DUO, a dual-sided cleansing buffer that brings together the cleaning power of a bar soap, the care of a body wash and the experience of a puff. 


P&G pointed to research finding that consumers are seeking products that go beyond basic cleansing for solutions that offer more benefits in a single step. Bar soaps are seen as offering a good clean, but at the expense of delivering softer skin, the company said, noting that 34% of men and 44% of women in the U.S. were using both a bar and body wash in the shower in 2015. 


“For over 130 years, from the launch of Ivory bar soap to the introduction of our body wash, Procter & Gamble has delivered innovative products based on evolutions in consumers’ needs,” Stephanie Robertson, associate brand director, P&G North America personal cleansing said. “The rise of the ‘dual user’ was an indication to us that there is a void in the market, which is leading to compensating behaviors – people using both a bar and body wash. DUOs is our answer to reimagine the shower experience all together.”


DUOs feature a flexible cleanser inside a cleaning implement that features a smooth side for softening and conditioning skin, as well as a scrubby side to exfoliate. DUOs are available in Olay Soothing Orchid & Black Currant and Old Spice Pure Sport, as well as Ivory’s new Refreshing Clean scent in select mass and food retailers nationwide. 


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