Johnson’s launches new Johnson’s Body Care collection


NEW YORK Johnson’s Body Care, which is built on the long-standing heritage of the Johnson’s brand, is gearing up for 2009 with a new collection that features new products, enhanced formulas, fragrances and packaging.

Last year, the brand jazzed up the body care category at mass with the introduction of its Johnson’s Melt Away Stress collection. For 2009, Johnson’s Body Care is launching the new Forever Fresh line. The new Forever Fresh Refreshing Body Lotion features a time-release fragrance and the Refreshing Body Wash fragrance has notes of melon, apple and lily of the valley.

The brand’s 24 Hour line, the most popular line of the collection, has the same popular fragrance but is formulated to be richer and more luxurious.

In addition, the brand’s Exfoliating Body Wash with dissolving micro beads has been coupled with a new Cocoa & Shea Butter Body Lotion to complete the Be Radiant line.

The entire collection now features bolder and fresher packaging. The names “Softlotion” and “Softwash” have been removed from the bottles and have been placed with the phrase “Body Care.”

The collection is now comprised of the following:

• 24 Hour Moisturizing body wash and 24 Hour lotion

•  Melt Away Stress Lavender & Chamomile body lotion and Melt Away Stress Relaxing body wash

•  Forever Fresh Refreshing body lotion and Forever Fresh Refreshing body wash

•  Deep Hydrating extra dry skin lotion and Deep Hydrating Intense Moisture body wash

•  Feeling Healthy green tea lotion and Feeling Healthy green tea body wash

•  Be Radiant exfoliating body wash and Be Radiant cocoa and shea butter body lotion.

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