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Kamedis shares eczema rash reduction study results

Kamedis, a brand that creates dermatologist tested botanical skin care products for such conditions as eczema, acne, dandruff, seborrheic dermatitis and psoriasis, as well as dry, itchy or irritated skin, shared the results of its new clinical study.

The San Francisco-based company found that the traditional Chinese botanicals found in its Calm Eczema Therapy Cream can play a role in reducing eczema rashes.

According to the study, conducted by the company, Kamedis’ cream was 44% more effective in treating atopic dermatitis than one of its products that did not contain botanical extracts, the company said.

"We know from more than a decade of R&D that our patented combinations of traditional Chinese medicinal herbs help restore damaged skin to health, but the validation in this study is a significant milestone for the company, as well as for the millions of people who suffer from eczema," Roni Kramer, founder of Kamedis and lead director of its U.S. strategic business unit, said. "The results demonstrate that ingredients from nature still play a major role in our search for healing. When sourced, extracted and combined properly, they outperform known vehicles and moisturizers in the marketplace."

Kamedis’ Calm Eczema Therapy Cream contains a patented formula of Chinese rhubarb, great burnet, tree of heaven, Baikal skullcap, Cnidium fruit and licorice extracts, as well as other ingredients found in various over-the-counter products.

"This is a groundbreaking study that documents the therapeutic benefits of traditional Chinese botanicals in pharmaceuticals for the first time," Deganit Barak-Shinar, Kamedis vice president of clinical, regulation and QA, said. "This has significant implications for the rest of Kamedis' product line, future product development by Kamedis and others, and consumers seeking better solutions for various health conditions."

The company expects its complete results to be published in the June issue of Journal Drugs in Dermatology.
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