Kolibree to roll out Ara AI toothbrush


NEW YORK and PARIS — Oral care company Kolibree on Tuesday announced the planned March launch of Ara, the first toothbrush with embedded artificial intelligence. The toothbrush has sold more than 10,000 Ara toothbrushes through the Kolibree website


Ara has a microprocessor inside the toothbrush handle, giving it the ability to capture, store and sync data whether a user has the accompanying app or not. 


“We've surveyed, studied and analyzed the patterns of our toothbrush users since we launched Kolibree in 2014 and it became very clear that adults are not going to stare at a mobile app every time they brush their teeth,” Kolibree founder and CEO Thomas Serval said. “At the same time, people want the data that shows if they are really brushing as well as they think they are.”


Ara can improve the accuracy of data collection and offer step-by-step guidance through its coaching feature. The Kolibree app includes a checkup feature to show users where they have brushed and where they’ve missed across 16 brushing zones. 


Ara is priced at $129 and can be pre-ordered for $79 through Feb. 28. 


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