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L’Oréal Paris launches AR-powered virtual try-on tool

Trying on L’Oréal Paris products is now easier than ever,

The brand announced that through its relationship with ModiFace — which the brand's parent company recently acquired — the launch of a new augmented reality try-on tool.

Shoppers now have a way to sample their favorite blush, eyeshadow, eyeliner, lipstick or Colorista Semi-Permanent Hair Color without leaving the comfort of their home or having to use an app.

The tryout interface features a photo-realistic color simulation, which leverages ModiFace’s patented facial recognition and augmented reality simulation.

“Our consumers are at the heart of all our innovations. We continually strive to create bespoke experiences that add value for them in new ways,” Anne Marie Nelson-Bogle, senior vice president of marketing at L'Oréal Paris, said. “With this launch, we are excited to transform the way people can experience beauty with a new tool that offers a convenient, instant and personalized way to test L'Oréal Paris products.”

To use the try-on tool, consumers simply need to click try it on the product page, choose live try or upload a recent selfie, select colors to apply to view, and view the look via split screen.

The tool is currently live on L’Oréal Paris’ website on select desktop browsers and mobile.
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