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Lornamead adds new shampoo/conditioner to Finesse portfolio


STAMFORD, Conn. Lornamead Inc., which is a subsidiary of The Lornamead Group, has added to the Finesse portfolio a new Revitalizing Shampoo/Conditioner for color treated hair.

According to the company, the new formulation address two hair care needs: hair strengthening and color protection.

“Repeated washing, drying, brushing and combing can further damage the follicle cuticles as well. As a result, consumers seek remedies to restore the overall condition and strength of their hair. They want products that protect and make hair more resilient, keeping it smooth, shiny and feeling healthy,” stated George Russell, chief executive officer of Lornamead Inc.

The new Finesse product features a specially formulated ingredient that helps provide several benefits, including better color retention, while helping to reduce fly-away and static, according to the company.

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