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Market research shows explosion of new men’s grooming products


CHICAGO Men's grooming products are not only on the rise but manufacturers are increasingly developing products for advanced male grooming as they try to stay one step ahead of the evolving market, according to new research from Mintel.

According to the provider of consumer, product and media intelligence, so far in 2008 the number of new men’s personal care products in the United States has tracked at more than 500. This marks a substantial increase from 375 products launched in 2007.

Globally, Mintel has recorded more than 3,600 new men’s personal care product launches to date in 2008.

But beyond volume in the marketplace, Mintel has also seen an increase in the number of men’s personal care products designed for advanced grooming.

Specifically, Mintel sees growth in four areas of advanced grooming:

• Lip, eye and hand-specific products

• Make-up and self-tanning products

• Anti-aging and exfoliating ingredients

• Organic, natural and ethical

“In contrast to women’s personal care, the market for men’s grooming is just opening,” said Taya Tomasello with Mintel Beauty Innovation. “Our research shows men are far less likely than women to use skin care products like moisturizers, exfoliants or even body washes. So tailoring new products to the needs of beauty-inexperienced males will help manufacturers expand the advanced men’s grooming market.”

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