Markwins reassures consumers regarding product quality


LOS ANGELES Amid the recent media focus regarding several products originating in China, Markwins International Corp., a manufacturer, and distributor of cosmetics and beauty products, aimed to put consumers’ minds at ease by reasserting the company’s commitment to quality.

Markwins International is the direct manufacturer of cosmetics produced in China. According to the company, it, unlike some of the products receiving recent negative attention, does not sub-contract its production.

"Markwins employs a thorough quality check and quality assurance system, based on certified production standards, that includes use and control of selected raw materials, assignment of qualified personnel and a USA/Europe-based quality-control and quality-assurance team, with on-site review of standards and testing," the company stated.

Through non-affiliated third-party organizations, the company’s practices are audited and certified to meet the following international standards: Cosmetic Good Manufacturing Practices; International Organization for Standardization; and Occupational Health & Safety Standard.

In addition, Markwins noted that it sources all raw materials used in making its cosmetics exclusively from the United States, European and Japanese suppliers. The company regularly tests in-coming materials, as well as finished goods.

"This, coupled with vigilant control and review of components, and ongoing employee education programs, affirms Markwins’ commitment to ensure the safety and integrity of cosmetic products destined for the consumer," the company stated.

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