Mintel reports large increase in market for natural personal-care products


CHICAGO Once the domain of hippies and college town residents, organic personal-care products are now in, according to market research firm Mintel.

The market for organic and natural personal-care products has grown by 35 percent, from $345 million in 2005 to $465 million today. In addition, new product launches in the market have increased from 554 three years ago to 846 in 2007.

Retailers and manufacturers have begun partnering to produce products, notably Walgreens and the Yes To Carrots brand, which blends vitamins and minerals, juices from orange-colored fruits and vegetables rich in beta-carotene and mud from the Dead Sea to create skin and hair products.

Women constitute the bulk of people using the products, though many appeal to men as well. Hispanics, too, represent a growing market, Mintel reported.

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