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MODE Cosmetics gears up for fall/winter 2009


NEW YORK MODE Cosmetics, a beauty brand developed by sisters Cristina Samuels and Jennifer Isaac, is launching for its fall/winter 2009 collection new nail enamel and lipstick inspired by the hit television show “Mad Men.”

In a throwback to the 1960s, the nail enamel comes in Creamy Fire Red (suggested retail price of $3.50), and the MODE Lustre Lipstick (suggested retail price of $4.75) comes in Creamy Warm Red. The products will be available in December.

“Blazing red lips and nails exude sex appeal without uttering a single word,” stated Samuels. “And it’s this image of modest sex appeal from the early 60s that’s so appealing.”

Added Isaac, “We developed these reds to deliver total intensity with just one application. We are satisfying women’s hunger for iconic reds.”

MODE Cosmetics are sold in select drug stores, supermarkets, specialty stores and at Samuels and Isaac said that the company is currently in talks with two drug store chains regarding potential exclusive deals.

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