Neutrogena Cosmetics study: Women opt for natural look, flawless skin

LOS ANGELES A new national survey commissioned by Neutrogena Cosmetics suggested a trend toward a less "made up" look for American women. Women expected their cosmetics to deliver flawless skin and sun protection, above fashion-forward colors, according to the findings.

Executed by Harris Interactive, the survey explored the relationship American women have with their cosmetics. It was conducted online within the United States from Aug. 9 to 11, among 1,018 adult women ages 18 years and older.


Among the Neutrogena Cosmetics survey highlights:

  • When asked if they could only own one cosmetic product, more than half of young women (58%) said they wanted a product that delivers flawless skin tone;

  • More than two-thirds of women (68%) said they would be willing to give up something for a year to have flawless skin -- even chocolate (51%);

  • Nearly half of women (46%) said they view using or wearing cosmetic products and makeup as an extension of their overall skin care routine; and

  • More than half of women (56%) said they rely on cosmetics with SPF to provide protection from harmful UV rays.


Although flawless skin tone was the leading response for all women (58%), more than half (51%) of older women -- those ages 55 and older -- reported the key benefit they wanted is to minimize the look of fine lines and wrinkles. However, regardless of age, these skin-related benefits were chosen ahead of more traditional cosmetic benefits, including elongate lashes (8%), make lips look full (3%) and cheekbone definition (2%).

"The survey confirmed the desires we hear from women to provide more advanced cosmetic solutions that improve their complexion and help achieve that flawless look. While color cosmetics add drama, we're thrilled to see women embracing their own beauty and choosing products that work harder to help deliver a perfect complexion," stated Cara Robinson, group brand director for Neutrogena Cosmetics.

Even as women embrace the natural look, makeup application remains an integral part of many women's morning routines. Nearly half (42%) said if they had to choose between makeup and breakfast when pressed for time before work, they would choose to apply makeup.

Women also recognized the dangers of UV rays and looked to their cosmetics to help prevent future skin damage. The majority of women (56%) said they wear cosmetic products and makeup with SPF protection, and older women are more likely to wear SPF cosmetic products and makeup year round (72% vs. 50%).