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NXT introduces illuminating men's skin care line


BOSTON NXT, which is part of the Clio group of brands and products, is rolling out in April a new men’s skin care line that is bound to light up the category.

The new formulas, which will officially launch as a shave-prep regimen in April, are packaged in sleek bottles that use patent-pending lighting technology to illuminate periodically on the retail shelf or in the consumers’ bathroom for up to one year.

The line will include a light face wash, light (low foam) shave gel, light post shave and light moisturizer. In June, the line will expand to include body wash, deodorant, antiperspirant and body spray, all of which will be “light” formulas. The formulas are made with non-irritating surfactants, lubricants and conditioners derived from organic compounds or natural extracts wherever possible. All of the products are paraben-free.

The retail price ranges between $4.99 and $5.99. A portion of the profits from the sale of NXT will be donated to various cancer research organizations including the Dana Farber Cancer Institute in Boston.

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