Old Spice launches Hydro Wash, Steel Courage scent


CINCINNATI — Old Spice on Monday announced the introduction of its new Hydro Wash body wash, which features a 20% hydro-moisturizing complex. The brand also introduced the new scent Steel Courage to its Hardest Working Collection. 


“We’re proud to support guys on their journey to legendary freshness with the launch of new Old Spice Hydro Wash body wash,” Procter & Gamble Old Spice brand director Janine Miletic said. “This new shower innovation combines ultra-superior hydration with our long-lasting, masculine Old Spice scents. Guys, you’re smellcome.”


As part of the Hydro Wash launch, Old Spice is bringing back its Legendary Man, Axel Kiener, for a new integrated ad campaign, “Don’t Smell Yourself Short.” The campaign launched Feb. 1 via the Old Spice YouTube channel and made its TV debut during Super Bowl LI on Feb. 5. The full creative campaign will begin airing on national TV Feb. 13. And the company produced a 45-second infomercial starring Super Bowl 50 MVP Von Miller. 


The campaign comes in addition to Old Spice’s launch of its Steel Courage scent, which combines top notes of pineapple and warm rum with a mid-note of clove, crisp pepper and sage with hints of sandalwood and warm amber. The scent will be available in body washes, two-in-one shampoo and conditioner, and in Odor Blocker and Sweat Defense antiperspirants. 


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